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The Yamas

The word ‘yama’ is often translated as ‘restraint’, ‘moral discipline’ or ‘moral vow’, and Patanjali states that these vows are completely universal, no matter who you are or where you come from, your current situation or where you’re heading. Remember that the word ‘Yoga’ means ‘unity’, ‘wholeness’ or ‘connectedness’; of course it’s important to be mindful, gentle and present in class, but if this doesn’t translate off the mat and connect into what we do in our day-to-day lives, we may never feel the real benefits of Yoga.

The Yamas traditionally guide us towards practices concerned with the world around us, but often we can take them as a guide of how to act towards ourselves too. There are five Yamas in total, today we invite you to consider:

  • Satya (truthfulness): satya urges us to live and speak our truth at all times.


recognises its community of students, providing a safe and welcoming space where everyone can come and explore mindful movement.  We teach a range of yoga styles suitable for complete beginners through to more seasoned students.  One of our missions is to offer yoga within our communities, making yoga accessible to more people.

You can read about all the benefits of yoga in texts and wellness books, you can google search and find numerous articles on how yoga changes people’s lives.  But this is what I know from my personal experience as a student and teacher, yoga means something different to everyone, and over time your relationship with yoga will most probably change.  You may become fanatical about your yoga or you may come and go never really finding a “regular” practice. Neither is right or wrong.

Yoga is what you need it to be, in the moment you experience it.

It is a personal practice, an inward journey, one that begins with the body and in time moves far beyond it.

4InspiredMovement provides an opportunity for you to find your yoga practice within a welcoming and non-judging community.

After all it doesn’t matter where you are or what your doing, it is the people, the people, the people.

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