Yoga on the Move – We come to you

I have been asked if I run private classes, small group classes, and corporate classes.

The answer is a resounding Yes!

I can come to your home to run a private class or you can come to our studio space in Petone. I find that depending on what you are looking for 45 minutes to an hour is normally just right.

I have run private classes for complete beginners who haven’t the time and in some cases the inclination to take classes at a studio or gym. I have worked with a few women at various stages of their pregnancy, providing them with short programmes that they can continue to do from home, tailored to their unique and changing body. Some students just want a class here and there to help them fine tune their practice.

I have run classes for sports groups and businesses, often as a supplement to other programmes and on a lot of occasions just for something different and fun! Yes, yoga is fun, and when practiced in small or large groups of colleagues and friends you are bound to hear a few giggles.

Below are a few options that might fit your needs. I try to make things as accessible as possible so don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.